Welcome! We're a group of over 60 creative, collaborative designers, writers, researchers, design systems engineers, and ops practitioners working across our product and brand studio teams. If the idea of designing warm, empowering experiences toward a future where work empowers a better life lights you up, we'd love to hear from you.

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❤️ Why Gusto Design?

Gusto makes it easy for businesses to onboard, pay, insure, and take care of their hardworking team. Our strong belief that work can empower a better life drives us to design experiences that put people at the center.

Applying for a new role is a big decision and a leap of faith. Maybe you've taken some time off to catch your breath and you're exploring your next step, or maybe you feel like something about your current job isn't quite right. Regardless of your reasons for looking, we're glad you're here. We think the Design team at Gusto is pretty special. Here are a few reasons why:

Design is a strategic partner

There's an incredible amount of buy-in and support for the value of Design that goes all the way back to our three cofounders: Eddie, Tomer, and Josh. This means we spend our energy doing great work, instead of fighting for a seat. Our Chief Design Officer, Amy, is an active part of Gusto's leadership team and brings design's influence into conversations about company strategy, direction, and experience vision.

Design leaders are also part of strategic squads alongside their partners in Product Management, Engineering, and Data to drive the priorities and direction of major product areas. On the Creative Studios side, our Chief Marketing Officer Jason Ing works closely with the team to drive our approach to brand, storytelling, and vision.

People are at the center of everything we do

We're building products that help employers take care of the people who work for them, and we are building a company where we look after one another.

We know that ensuring equitable opportunity for all our communities at Gusto is a foundation for success. At Gusto, we focus on the four pillars of RISE, which stands for Representation, Inclusion, Social Impact, and Equity. This is how Gusto views its holistic and intersectional diversity initiatives supporting strategies to improve representation, retention, equity, and inclusion across Gusto. As part of this commitment Gusto leadership sets meaningful diversity goals and implements accountability mechanisms to ensure sustained progress. Read our recent RISE report to understand more about our investment and progress. For us, RISE is our lasting commitment to continue to build a company we're proud of by advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts.

Another way we center people is in how we use the term People Empowerer instead of Manager to refer to individuals leading a team. Words matter, and the term "empower" is the best way to frame our belief that a leader's job is to unlock potential and create an environment where people can thrive and do great work.

Careers at Gusto are a jungle gym, not a ladder

We support one another in learning new skills and taking risks. We’ve got lots of examples of people on our team who have been supported in growing their careers in wonderful and unexpected ways and we'd love to introduce you to them during the interview process. We want Gusto to be a place where you can take your career to new levels and find that sweet spot between what lights you up and what our customers and businesses need to thrive.

It's a great time to join us

We're small enough that there’s a lot of room to take ownership and help shape the future, but we’re big enough to have a strong community of practice, organizational buy-in for the value of Design, and the support you need to do exceptional work. Everyone in Design reports centrally, but they're embedded in a specific product area. This means we get to go deep, gain expertise, and collaborate cross-functionally while still being supported by a centralized practice.

🔥 Hot jobs

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Head of Design, Employee Experiences (Members)

(New York, Denver, San Francisco, Remote)

The Employee Experiences team supports our mission by helping employees understand their pay and benefits, so they can plan for the future while taking care of themselves and their loved ones. This is a critical strategic role that will directly lead a small team of designers. This team is a startup within a startup — the ideal candidate will be hands-on and happy to shift into maker mode when the team needs it.

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Design Systems Engineers

(2 roles, New York, Denver, San Francisco, Remote)